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What is SWIFT Code?

Want to know what is SWIFT code? This is the guest post by Here you can get detailed explanation on SWIFT Code.

A SWIFT Code stands for “Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication”. It is the code that enables the handling of codes to banks all across the world. The Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication is responsible for handing over this code to different banks, worldwide.

swift code

SWIFT Code Headquarters

The headquarters of this society is located in La Hulpe, Belgium. The headquarters is thus responsible for the registration of SWIFT codes. This code is the registered trademark of S.W.I.F.T. SCRL, with its registered office at ‘Avenue Adele 1, B-1310 La Hulpe , Belgium ‘.

SWIFT Codes are used for an array of things. They are the standard format of Bank Identifier Codes and each bank has a unique identification code. The SWIFT code is thus sometimes referred to as the BIC.  This code is predominantly used to exchange messages between banks.

SWIFT Code For Transfer Money

The most popular messages sent through the SWIFT code relates to transferring money between banks. This is basically international wire transfer. Thus, if a person wishes to transfer funds across countries, the bank they are registered with, will request them for the SWIFT code of the bank where they wish to transfer funds to. Thus enabling them to mobilize funds across boundaries with minimal effort and risk.

SBI swift code

Since the SWIFT code is a unique code that is assigned to every bank, it is important to understand and be able to read the code if one wishes to transfer funds across countries. It usually consists of 11 characters, where the last 3 characters indicate the branch code. Sometimes 8 character digital codes are also given to banks.

The code thus consists of the first four characters being the Bank Code that comprises only of letters. The next two characters consist of ISO, followed by the first character being alpha and the second character being the country code. The next two characters consist of the Location Code, which comprises of letters and digits. The last three characters are optional and are used for branch specific codes. These can be letters and digits.

“Tips: For example: The swift code for hdfc bank branch is HDFCINBBCHE”.

Online portals consist of the specific IBC/ SWIFT codes for each bank. This is to avail ease with which fund transfer is facilitated between banks internationally. Also you can know the application status of HDFC credit card form the official website. As an abundant caution, banks make sure that they check codes with the user’s ban too before finally transferring funds to ensure and make clear that there are no changes in the status of the branch code.

How to Trace Pan Card Status Online

Trace Pan Card Status

Pan verification process is not lengthy. If you have applied for the Pan Card and you are waiting since long time to get Pan Card, you can trace the Pan Card status through its registered site. Pan card is applicable to both tax payer and non-tax payer. The person wants to deposit cash of more than 50,000 has to show Pan Card for depositing amount in bank. Person who has non moving properties exceeding 5 lakhs must possess Pan Card.

After demonetization people get to know that Pan Card is mandatory for depositing cash in bank accounts. Lots of people realized this and applied for Pan Card online. The problem is that people don’t get it on the time. To solve this problem we have come with the unique step by step process to know Pan Card Status. You can easily track and identify the process of making Pan Card through this procedure mentioned below.


How to Verify Pan Status

  • First of all register into the Pan Card site.
  • Now give a mouse hit on the Pan Status link.
  • Enter your application no/ enrollment no/ acknowledgement no on the displaying column.
  • type your name and date of birth
  • Click on submit button.
  • You will be available with your Pan Status once you submit all the desired requirements correctly.

How to Check Pan Status without Acknowledgement No

If you have lost your Acknowledgement no and want to track nsdl pan card status, you can search it through submitting your name and date of birth. You need not to worry about if you do not have your acknowledgement no with you. Here is the minor process to verify TAN no with name and date of birth

  • Register into the official website of Pan Card.
  • Click on track pan status link.
  • Leave the acknowledgement column blank if you do not know it.
  • Now type the name as per required,
  • Like first enter Surname than first name and middle name.
  • You must write the same name and spellings you entered in the Pan Application form.
  • Now enter date of birth in the synchronized manner as shown here.
  • First enter date/ month/year. Type the same date of birth you entered in the Pan Enrollment form.
  • Now submit it.

Your application is registered and now you are able to know the Pan Status. It is a few clicks method; any computer user can follow it easily.

How to Check PF Balance Using UAN Status

Whoever wants to know their PF UAN activation status can check it online from here. We all know that major part of the govt. employees and company employees saves their money in PF account. It is a contribution of employer, employee and government. PF holder must possess UAN no which is mandatory to check EPF balance status. If any EPF holder do not have UAN no and want to check their UAN No or UAN activation status, can easily check through this article. In this article we have mentioned step by step process, which is easy to follow. This is a free cost service provided by EPFO site. Govt. of India has opened this site for the EPF holders to know their online account status through UAN no. To start this procedure you must have your PF account no with you. So let’s begin the process now.

PF balance

Get PF UAN Activation Status Online.

  • site is the registered site of EPFO. Just open this site.
  • Now here you need to track the Know Your UAN status Link.
  • Click on this link and your process will proceed to the next page.
  • In the next page you need to enter your region and state in the list.
  • Now enter your PF No in the mentioned boxes.
  • Search for the establishment code and type it in the mentioned box.
  • Leave the extension code column, if you don’t know it.
  • In the end click on the Check Status to Get Message:
  • You will get an instant message that you have allotted the UAN No or not.
  • If it is not allotted to you, you can send a request to activate your UAN number.

You can get the SMS of UAN no through this procedure. In the right side of the page you need to submit all the information asked to mention. Enter the password and the captcha code and click on the Get PIN option. Instantly you will receive PIN no in your text message, write this into the required box and submit it. After a week UAN No message will sent to your cell no.